About Pam Henry


Pam Henry is a multi-faceted creature, not only a writer but, wife, mum, grandma, secretary, cook, cleaner, confidante, counsellor, painter, decorator, draughtswoman, interior designer, gardener, and formerly a shopkeeper, inventor, Sunday school teacher, guider, scout leader and youth leader. Having received a good, grammar education in the days when teachers were allowed to teach, going on to study for LCCI Private and Executive Secretary’s Diploma at college; she has recently completed a new children’s writer’s training course with The Writers Bureau.

Current Work

‘Apodemus and the Witch’s Hat’ is a novel for early readers (KS1).  Apodemus is the smallest of a family of wood mice.  He has three brothers, Ruinus, Riotus and Rawkus, who constantly taunt him because he is little.  So, he decides to run away.  He’s lost in the woods in the dark of night and runs into a hole to shelter.  The hole turns out to be a witch’s pointed hat.  Some of the enchantment from inside the hat rubs off on Apodemus, turning his tail into a magic wand.

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