About Pam Henry


Pam Henry is a multi-faceted creature, not only a writer but, wife, mum, grandma, secretary, cook, cleaner, confidante, counsellor, painter, decorator, draughtswoman, interior designer, gardener, and formerly a shopkeeper, inventor, Sunday school teacher, guider, scout leader and youth leader. Having received a good, grammar education in the days when teachers were allowed to teach, going on to study for LCCI Private and Executive Secretary’s Diploma at college; she has recently completed a new children’s writer’s training course with The Writers Bureau.

Current Work – The Four Treasures Series

Book Two – The Solas Dragon  – The discovery of a story told in pictures painted by a very small giant takes Sedu and Alban on their second adventure to find The Cauldron of Plenty.  A puca that isn’t a puca, a lost and lonely dragon, and a mythical land moving invisibly under the sea where a legendary race of people make their home lead our young friends through another magical tale in search of a cooking pot with a mind of its own.

Book Three – The Lost Steps – Sedu and Alban are directed to meet a young blind boy who can see in a very different way and who needs to begin his journey towards his own destiny.  On their third adventure, Sedu and Alban must help the boy find The Spear of Destiny which will lead them to a magical doorway lost many ages past, that is the only remaining access to The Land Below.  Many monsters, magical creatures and mythical beings sometimes help and sometimes hinder them along their path to a new kingdom.

Book Four – The Ninth Rune – The earthly presence of a beautiful, long-dead queen from a far-off land sends heralds to visit Sedu and Alban.  She needs their help to set right a very old wrong.  The queen cannot go with them, so she sends them a series of ancient clues written in the runic language of the trees.  The fourth and last treasure is The Stone of Kings, which was broken and hurled in all directions aeons ago and now lies hidden, waiting to be reassembled so that the rightful rulers of the kingdom can take their place on the throne.

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