Chapter Books

A Saucer Full of Secrets

‘A Saucer Full of Secrets’ is the first in a series of five consecutive chapter books for the mid-grade age range, all set in the County of Kerry in Ireland.  Alban does all the story telling;  he is a thousand-year-old white cat with the magical powers of the Tuath Dé, an immortal Irish race from the mythological Land of the Kings.  Alban introduces his master, 12-year-old Sedu, who works as an assistant to an apothecary.  Sedu also has the skills, powers and magical abilities of the Tuath Dé.  Alban and Sedu are tasked to find The Four Treasures.  ‘The Sword of Light’, ‘The Cauldron of Plenty’, ‘The Spear of Destiny’ and ‘The Stone of Kings’ are the next four books telling how the magical pair find the treasures and deal with them.


We stood looking out to sea again, and before long we caught a glimpse of a disturbance in the water way out against the horizon.  A bank of waves was gathering and rolling towards us, picking up speed with every yard.

            As it got closer we could see the heads and front legs of two great white horses, and behind them a chariot rode by the most ferocious beast either of us could ever have imagined.

            The chariot and its rider were all the colours of the sea.  Blues and greens, purples and indigos.  As they pulled up on the shore they glistened, but not just from the water, everything about them seemed to swirl and mix.

            The creature let go of the seaweed reins, stepped down from the chariot and walked towards us.

            He was half as tall again as the horses, with the shape and the manner of a man.  The skin of his hands was covered in fine fish scale, and his fingers were webbed together like a duck’s foot.  His face was covered with a hooded mask.  He was mostly covered with armour made from what must have been the shells of sea creatures.  Scales and armour were all of much the same colour, bluey, grey green, shimmering in what was left of the evening light.

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