Early Reader Picture Books

The Thirteenth Raisin

The Thirteenth Raisin’ is a picture book for early readers.  Our intrepid hero follows his lady love into the raisin packing plant.  He has known her since they were grapes and will not rest until he is at her side in the same lunch box snack packet.

Livvi Books

These 24-page books are written through 6-year-old Livvi’s eyes and through her thoughts.  These are conversations that Livvi has with herself, about things that happen to plenty of people around that time in their lives. They are about the magic of pure imagination in young children.  I hope you like them.

Livvi and The Friendly Fireplace is about moving house, finding magic in a new place and learning that old houses can be tricky.

Livvi and The Unicorn is about wanting a baby sister and getting a baby brother.  Having Gramma to stay, and meeting a magical creature behind the garden shed.

Livvi and The Grumplings is about getting cross, then crosser and not being able to get uncross until you meet the Grumplings, who live in dark places where dust and fluff collects.

Livvi and The Angel is about knowing a lonely boy who is made fun of at school, and discovering that he might be an angel in disguise.

Livvi and The Wooden Candlestick is about staying away from home, being afraid of the dark and learning that there’s nothing to be afraid of, because there’s magic in the wooden prancing horse.

Livvi and The Dream Chair is about an old chair in the attic that takes those snoozing in it back to the time when the house was built.

Livvi and The Lost Kitten is about meeting a neighbour who knows about the Friendly Fireplace and the Dream Chair and who might be a witch.

Harvey Books

These 16-page books are about misunderstandings that change the way we perceive things when we are very young.  In this case through the eyes of a young dog. He’s afraid of things, he gets into trouble and then learns by his mistakes, just as small children do.

Harvey’s Moving House – Harvey hears about a house move and thinks the whole building is going on the road.

Harvey Digs Up Onions – Digs up newly planted bulbs.

Harvey Gets Lost – Goes for a walk with the family and wanders down the wrong path.

Harvey Bites the Waves – Goes on holiday and is afraid of the tide.

Harvey Finds a Friend  – Helps a huge dog that everyone else is afraid of, but who is really very nice.

Harvey’s Decorating – Walks in the paint and tries to drink it.

Harvey Gets a Tummy Ache – Eats unripe fruit after he’s told not to.

Harvey’s Birthday Party – Plays party games and runs off with ‘pass the parcel’.

Harvey Goes Shopping – Brings home a bag that was left behind.

Harvey’s Train Ride – Goes on a steam train and is afraid of the loud whistle.

Harvey Goes Fishing – Goes too near the edge at the river and falls in.

Harvey in the Dark – Shadows in the moonlight frighten him, he thinks he’s
found a snake, but it’s only his own tail.

Harvey’s Easter Egg – Goes on an Easter Egg Hunt and comes back with a pebble.

Harvey Meets Santa – Sniffs out his Christmas present under the tree, and
breaks wrapping on other gifts.  Santa helps him put it right.

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