Mid-Grade Short Stories

Dragon’s Eye

 Complete – Word Count 1989

Ten-year-old Tom doesn’t know how to contain his fury and despair when he hears that his dad is lost and may never return from working with the army in Afghanistan. His grandad asks him to look for an old stone in the barn, which transforms into a dragon of fire and takes him on a journey to find his dad.


Trouble Bubble

Complete – Word Count 1400

Ollie is eleven, and very conscious of his own insignificance, backed up by the way his fourteen-year-old brother belittles him. He finds what he thinks is a glass marble, but he’s picked up more than he bargained for. The small shiny sphere has the power to grant wishes and transport the holder anywhere he wants to go. Unfortunately, it also takes idle thoughts literally and gets rid of Ollie’s older brother.



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